KIMMON KOHA CO., LTD. began manufacturing HeCd lasers in 1971. Since then over 44,000 systems have been installed worldwide, making KIMMON KOHA not only the oldest but the largest HeCd laser manufacturer in the world.

Our vast experience benefits our customers

A huge benefit of the KIMMON KOHA manufacturing system is our unique feature of gathering data on each laser system.

Over 500 pieces of data are gathered on each laser shipped. This data collection enables us to prevent potential problems with each laser prior to shipment.

World's Best He-Cd Warranty 

Unparalleled Design

The average lifetimes of our HeCd lasers are the best in the business. All of our lasers average 4,500 hours or more and some models average over 8,000 hours. Do not be surprised if your laser operates for more than 10,000 hours,

Unequalled Quality

Our goal is to provide the highest quality leading edge HeCd lasers in the world to our customers. To achieve this goal we build, produce, assemble, and process almost everything for our HeCd lasers in-house.